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Drowsy Driving as Risky as Drunk Driving

  Crash risk is highest if you get fewer than four hours of shuteye a night, scientists found. That’s like driving with a blood alcohol concentration roughly 1.5 times the legal limit, the researchers explained. But even those who sleep fewer than seven hours a night are more likely to be in a crash — […]

Bell & Brigham obtains settlement for 2015 Marshall Square fire

Final lawsuit over Marshall Square fire settled Bell & Brigham’s  fight for justice on behalf of Ms. Irene Blickhan and other former residents of Marshall Square Retirement Center was featured in the Augusta Chronicle. Attorneys for Bell & Brigham fought an uphill battle against significant odds to hold Marshall Square and its employees accountable for […]

Attorney Titus T. Nichols represents accused NSA-leaker, Reality Winner

Interview with Chris Cuomo on CNN’s “New Day” Interview with Erin Burnett on CNN’s “Outfront” Interview with NBC News ABC’s Good Morning America

Attorney Titus Nichols fights against Cyberbullying

Radio DJ Starts Fight Against Cyberbullying Recently, Attorney Titus T. Nichols was featured in the Augusta Chronicle and on WJBF ABC 6 News.  The story focused on his recent battle to help a client who had become a victim of a campaign of harassment using a fake website.  

A Change in Status: Three Things to Know Before Accepting the Client

A recent article by Bell & Brigham Trial Lawyer, Titus Nichols, in the Fall 2016 issue of the State Bar of Georgia Young Lawyer’s Division Newsletter entitled: “A Change in Status: Three Things to Know Before Accepting the Client” The article gives guidance on what steps young lawyers (and maybe even some vets) should take […]

What is an Administrative Law Suspension Hearing? (ALS)

GEORGIA Under Georgia’s implied consent laws if you are arrested for DUI and you refuse to submit to a chemical test, then your privilege to drive may be suspended for up to one year. You do have the right to request an Administrative License Suspension Hearing through the State Office of Administrative Hearings . To […]

What do you do if you are injured by an out of town driver?

  First, call Bell & Brigham so our Trial Lawyers can fight for you! But after you do that, next comes the issue of where to file the law suit against the negligent driver who caused your injuries. Venue is an important and complex legal issue that can determine how your case will proceed against […]


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