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Being charged with a felony or even a misdemeanor offense is very serious and can permanently alter your life. What may seem like a minor offense can result in confinement for many years followed by years on probation and various fines and fees under probation. Fortunately, many criminal matters can be resolved with pretrial diversion, or even out-right dismissal of all charges. However, you need an experienced trial lawyer who is willing to thoroughly review all evidence and hold the Prosecution to its constitutional burden.

We take criminal defense very seriously.  Our firm has successfully defended clients charged with Murder, Armed Robbery, Drug Trafficking, Theft and other serious offenses. Our firm has represented clients charged with various offenses in both Georgia and South Carolina criminal trial and appellate courts. We are knowledgeable about Georgia and South Carolina criminal laws and will explain all scenarios to our clients.  Our firm has former prosecutors who will counsel clients through criminal justice process so they can have a road map of what to expect as their case moves through the court system.


Our federal and state court systems are vastly different from one another. Thus, criminal defense has to be different as well. Many federal investigations will occur for months or even years before charges are brought against you. Compared to state courts, federal courts operate on a very strict timeline. The federal court system rarely offers probation or parole; therefore, if you are convicted, you will likely have to serve your full sentence.From the rules of evidence to rules of criminal procedure, to the federal sentencing guidelines, your trial lawyer has to navigate through complex situations. You need an experienced and trained trial lawyer in order to have a fair fight with the government.


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